Myths, Mysticism, and Adventure

Taken from Lightning Chronicles – A. G. Moye’s anything and everything blog and his works. 
By Mike Walters

“Mulder, it is such a gorgeous day outside. Have you ever entertained the idea of trying to find life on this planet?”

“I have seen the life on this planet, Scully, and that is exactly why I’m looking elsewhere.”Being a close-minded person can choke off possibilities readily available to all of us in the form of Myths, Mysticism, and Adventure. I became a fan of the X-Files when it debuted back in 1993. At the time, I had no idea it would start me down the path of formulating some of my own stories with the ultimate desire of putting them down on paper. Watching the outlandish story-lines loosely based on myths and mysticism, was the impetus behind coming up with some of my own ideas. Mind adventures, that years later would help inspire me to write. Teleport forward seventeen years with the television debut of Ancient Aliens. Love it, hate it, or laugh at it, take your pick, the one thing it did for me was open my mind to alternative possibilities. I continued my journey of a realization that not everything adults told me as a child should be considered gospel. A strict religious upbringing, from an early age, throttled back a creative mind that looked up into the stars starving to know more. The words of Erich von Daniken in his book the Chariots of the Gods, “Not until we have taken a look into the future shall we be strong and bold enough to investigate our past honestly and impartially,” found new meaning with me.

Years ago, on a trip out west with my then 12 year old son – – – we were living in Manassas, VA at the time, one of our stops was Sedona, AZ where my brother and sister-in-law took me into an innocuous shop that sold kachina dolls. They immediately intrigued me capturing my imagination. I asked as many questions of the shop-owner as I could. This led me to the purchase of a Wolf Warrior kachina doll. The dolls, for centuries, have provided countless tale telling myths, mysticism, and adventures to many Hopi and Navajo Native American children. I have purchased several more kachinas over the years. Each one has provided me a certain level of mysticism and sparked a creative energy that gives birth to characters in my novel, The Outlaw River Wilde. The centuries have changed but cave paintings are still being created. It just so happens they take place on computers now.

Mulder: Mr. Simpson, we want you to recreate your every move the night you saw the alien.
Homer: The evening began at the gentlemen’s club, where we were discussing Wittgenstein over a game of backgammon.
Scully: Mr. Simpson, it’s a felony to lie to the FBI.
Homer: We were sitting in Barney’s car eating packets of mustard. Happy?

The Kachina dolls will always fascinate me. My Dream-catcher, next to my bed, will hopefully continue to hold on to the tales I dream with the hopes of more characters and ideas. I want my novels to be packets of mustard like an honest Homer Simpson, simple and enjoyable adventures revolving around new and old myths, as well as mysticism.