Catch the Wave – Relationships, Life, the Journey




Do you ever get curious about life and what it throws at you and why? I don’t mean a superficial blur of a thought that passes through your head without as much as a thought. I am talking about stopping and really thinking about what goes on in your life. Good or bad, what were the causes? Were you the reason, part of the reason, none of the reason? Why do seemingly ideal situations sometimes end in failure? Does the universe have a way of disrupting lives, situations, and circumstances to get your attention? Why is it such a challenge to find someone who fits your idea of a match with so many people on the planet?

When you do find that person why does one of you sabotage it? Is it sabotage, or a simple part of the journey? Is it true that true wisdom only comes from pain?

Life is a blur, and many of us can get frustrated always looking for the next wave. Have you thought you caught the perfect wave, only to have it throw you off the board near the end of the run? Now, left searching for our board — scrambling for reason and answers that is, do you get right back up on the board, or enjoy the surf for a while and let the board come to you? I know the answer for me as I write that last sentence, but dammit I don’t want to wait. I want to get back up and give it another go. No matter what the next wave is. One thing I have learned is that no one wave is perfect. They all have their flaws as does the rider of the board. Perhaps the waves keep throwing us because of impatience and not yet learning to enjoy floating through the waves as they crash into the shore. Patience. Dammit, who needs it? Apparently, a lot of us.