About The Rogue River Incident

This is taken from online as reported decades ago…

During the afternoon of May 24, 1949, five people, three men, and two women, were fishing in a boat near the mouth of Oregon’s Rogue River At about 5:00 P.M., they were scanning the river with 8x Navy binoculars looking for signs of jumping fish, when they first noticed a strange circular object approaching from the northeast. They watched it for about two-and-a-half minutes as it hovered east of them before it departed at high speed in a southward direction.

The object appeared round and shiny, something like a fifty-cent piece, viewed from below and to one side. Object’s color was silvery, and it appeared round in plain view; Just before Mn [name censored in the publicly available copy of the original Air Force document] handed the glasses to Mr., the object made a turn on its vertical axis with no tilting or banking … The trailing edge of the object as it traveled appeared somewhat wrinkled and dirty looking. The trailing edge looked “wrinkled and dirty; ‘ but there were no exhaust ports. Then they saw it speed off in a southeasterly direction, “accelerating to the approximate speed of a jet plane” in a few seconds without making any noise. About three weeks later the Ames employees reported their sighting to the security office at Moffett Field. The security office then requested that AFOSI agents investigate the sighting.

Decades later, the Rogue River once again has visitors. This time they’re not just hovering,… It’s Happening Again.