The debut duology, The Outlaw River Wilde, and Still Wilde in Outlaw river are being re-released by Mike Walters as The Rogue River Incident — Case XI, Books I & II. The original idea from Mike, sprung from a concept while watching Ancient Aliens on the History channel. He intertwines his love of Native American culture and a passion for the Pacific Northwest, primarily his birth state of Oregon in the paranormal mystery. Determined to write a novel, Mike sat down one day and started pressing keys on his laptop. The characters and story came to life as he wrote. With lackluster sales, but excellent reviews Mike went back to the drawing board have you, and after talking with a publicist, decided to change the names of the novels, tweak the storyline, have new covers designed and strategically launch his new creations.

“Every session was a blast because I got to be the first reader of something never before seen by human eyes. It was exciting to see what unfolded every time I sat in front of the computer. I challenged myself by taking ideas I have had over the years watching Ancient Aliens and X-Files, as well as my love of Native American culture and my experience with countless hours spent in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. Bringing the ideas together in a novel was more fun than I ever imagined. I am anxious and excited to re-release these novels. They are fun to read and will provide the reader with several hours of enjoyment. I heard someone say at a writing convention to write something you would like to read, so that is exactly what I have done. Not everyone will like them, and I get this, but if I can bring a few hours of enjoyment to a few people then I am happy.”

Studying photography as a freshman in high school, Mike later took the passion and skills where he was able to use them as a photographer in the United States Air Force. After four years in the Air Force Mike spent the next couple of decades living around the U.S. and raising his son Alexander. His love of cycling on the road or heart-pulsing trail riding in the Oregon woods called for years before Mike finally returned in 2017. Mike has a penchant for capturing the outdoors, via photos, on his smartphone, which he usually shares on Social Media. Often, he breaks out his high-end Canon DSLR and “gets serious” with his photos, as he likes to say. Back in Oregon now, Mike has become enamored with Standup Paddleboarding and looks forward to Friday afternoons, and the weekends, where he can bike, get on one of his favorite lakes and visit one of Southern Oregon’s 151 wineries, often doing all three in the same day.

Off to the editors is Mike’s third novel, Hidden Beneath the Pines: All Families Have Secrets: a dark, whodunit mystery dealing with unexpected deaths and the chaos that ensues around murder, abduction, childhood abuse, and a family that wants to wish it all away. This novel, like the first two, takes place in and around Southern Oregon. Mike will continue to focus on Southern Oregon as the backdrop, or main character as he likes to say, for his novels. He is working on his fourth novel now with the goal of an early 2019 release.


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