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91afedb367485dcb5efc57e5a978612a0122cc07__300x0Mike Walters’ debut duology, The Outlaw River Wilde – Book I, and Still Wilde in Outlaw River – Book II, sprung from an idea while watching Ancient Aliens on the History channel. He intertwines his love of Native American culture and a passion for the Pacific Northwest, primarily his birth state of Oregon in the Supernatural SciFi Mystery. Mike sat down one day and started writing. The characters and story came to life as he wrote.

Mike is the Director of Marketing & Product at a Library Software company, Auto-Graphics, Inc. based in Ontario, California. When Mike isn’t working, he can be found bicycling around Southern California, hiking the Claremont Loop, or writing.


A Born Skeptic Confronts the Extraordinary

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July 12, 2016

Mitch Wilde never believed in aliens—that is, until he was left with no other way to explain the strange events happening around his small Pacific Northwest home. With scattered appearances of ghostly Native American riders, a series of odd break-ins by unknown intruders, and hints that more could be coming, Mitch, along with his cantankerous old neighbor who is becoming a new friend, vows to unravel the mysteries and preserve the comfortable life he has worked so hard to build.


The Outlaw River Wilde (The Outlaw River Wilde Volume 1) by Mike Walters

91afedb367485dcb5efc57e5a978612a0122cc07__300x0The Pacific Northwest is Under Attack. Ancient Alien Intrigue: Can Mitch Wilde save humanity?
A very impressive debut. Original and impressively well written novel! – Portsmouth BOOK REVIEW

An original and impressively well written novel, “The Outlaw River Wilde” is a deftly crafted and highly entertaining story by an author who will leave his readers looking eagerly toward his next effort. – Midwest Book Review

Mitch Wilde never believed in aliens, that is, until he was left with no other way to explain the strange events happening around his small Pacific Northwest home.


Still Wilde In Outlaw River (The Outlaw River Wilde Volume 2) by Mike Walters

stillJuly 09th, 2016

Cold Coffee Press Endorses Still Wilde In Outlaw River (The Outlaw River Wilde Volume 2) by Mike Walters by Cold Coffee Press on 9 Jul

Still Wilde In Outlaw River
 (The Outlaw River Wilde Volume 2) 
by Mike Walters

Rescued from a desperate situation, Mitch Wilde finds the stakes raised for him, his loved ones, and his small Oregon Town of Outlaw River. Mitch’s wife Mabey is alone and on the run, fighting for her own survival. Jasper, Mitch’s cantankerous old neighbor and investigative paranormal sleuth, and best friend Jack Jenson, also return in Book Two of Mike Walters’ debut supernatural duology.


Indie Author Mike Walters Explores the Potential Problems That Outer Space Aliens Could Pose in Book II of His Supernatural Duology

duologyI Will Vote For Trump If He Vows To Build A Wall Around The Planet, And Gets The Aliens To Pay For It

Jun 06, 2016, 11:48 ET from Mike Walters

LOS ANGELES, June 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Mike Walters, exploring a potential threat to earth, announces the release of the second and final book in his Supernatural duology – Still Wilde in Outlaw River.


Myths, Mysticism, and Adventure

Taken from Lightning Chronicles – A. G. Moye’s anything and everything blog and his works. 
By Mike Walters

“Mulder, it is such a gorgeous day outside. Have you ever entertained the idea of trying to find life on this planet?”

“I have seen the life on this planet, Scully, and that is exactly why I’m looking elsewhere.”Being a close-minded person can choke off possibilities readily available to all of us in the form of Myths, Mysticism, and Adventure. I became a fan of the X-Files when it debuted back in 1993. At the time, I had no idea it would start me down the path of formulating some of my own stories with the ultimate desire of putting them down on paper. (more…)

Charline Ratcliff Interview

new-picture-21Charline Ratcliff Interviews: Mike Walters, Author of ‘The Outlaw River Wilde’

Charlene Ratcliff: Good Morning Mike! I’m happy to be to feature you, and your book, on my blog today!

Thank you for the opportunity to spend a few minutes with you and answer some questions.

To start out, why don’t you tell us about yourself. As a child, where did you grow up? What was it like? Did you enjoy where you lived? And — what activities did you do for fun? (more…)