Who do you write, or read, for?

I can’t remember how many times over the last couple of years I have heard, and read, that you should write for yourself. If you like what you are reading, others will like it as well. This is certainly the direction I took with the Outlaw River Wilde series, and my newest novel, due out late May, early June, Hidden Beneath the Pines. I remember reading Moby Dick as a teen and being surprised and totally enthralled with Melville’s short chapters. I could pick the book up and read for five minutes, or an hour, and always find a good place to stop. At the end of a chapter that is. I can’t stand getting so tired, I can’t read anymore, and have to stop before coming to the end of a chapter.

So in my writing, I write short chapters. I try to move the story along at a good pace so no one will ever read just one at a time, but if they choose to they can. How about cliffhangers? I love them, so yet again this is my style. I always love being left wanting more. At the end of chapters, and the end of novels. Don’t you hate the feeling of a good novel or story coming to an end? The anticipation at the end of the Hunger Game novels for me was exciting. I couldn’t wait to continue with the next book.

I have received harsh criticism, from a few, for The Outlaw River Wilde series, book I, because of the ending. I loved it when I was writing it because, as a reader again; I want more and to continue. My hope was that since people knew going in the book was part, one of a duology and that chances are the first book is going to end with unanswered questions.

Oh well, you can’t please everyone all the time. I still enjoy reading all three books, so I must be doing something right. Cheers.