Left Hanging

Is it just me, or is text etiquette, or lack thereof, maddening. So someone tells me early in the morning, via text, let’s talk later, then proceeds to not reach out and talk. Was I supposed to be the one reaching out? If I tell someone lets talk later, I make it a point to be the one reaching out. I am trying very hard to not make a big thing out of this but I genuinely don’t get it. This seems not only rude but disingenuous which is worse.

The common courtesy of doing what one says seems lost these days. I am left feeling bad about the

situation, and then worse because I doubt myself and wonder if I am being a ninny, (is that a f’ing word?), or getting worked up over nothing. I am beginning to despise texting. I used to think it was a convenient way to communicate and suppose it still can be for those with clear communication,  but for those with less than genuine and clear communication skills it is insanity.

Serenity now! If you say you are going to do something then do it, or at least give a response that something has come up, changed, whatever, so people aren’t left hanging. Ahhhhhhhhh!